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NextOffice can open and store Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint* files with user friendly user interface that office users can easily master. Now support openning 2007 XML files!

- Open Office 2007 XML files
- Barcode Generation
- PDF Export
- Multi-lingual Dictionary
- Email and Calendar
- Chinese Fonts
- Professional Templates

With "NextSpeak - English TTS", you can freely convert any text in your PC to English waveform. By adjusting the speaking rate with your learning pace, you can quickly grasp the right pronunciation of different words.

- Any document, any time
- Support User Defined IPA Pronunciation
- Office add-in
- Convert to MP3/ WAV
- Rate and Volume Control
- Human voice quality
- Library Management functions

Your private tutor that can read out any text in any document in fluent standard Mandarin, with PinYin symbols to facilitate you to master the accurate prounciation.

- Any document, any time
- Human voice quality
- Mandarin PinYin font
- Office add-in
- Convert to MP3/ WAV
- Rate and Volume Control
- User-defined PinYin

With Email Marketer, you can easily schedule your email campaigns with personalized content, adjust the sending rate without risking of overloading your ISP and your messages being classified as "spam".          

- Unlimited Email Campaigns Management
- Unlimited personalization of your messages
- Handles subscription and unsubscription real time
- Professional and real-time reports
- Control delivery, measure efficiency

NextPDF allows any application to "Print-to-Convert" its output to PDF as simple as printing to a virtual printer. Form Filler allows you to fill and store PDF forms.       

- "Print-to-PDF" via any app
- Merge/Delete pages
- Support Watermarking
- Support Background
- Password Protection
- Extract PDF content to text
- Supports Silent Mode

On top of all functions of Video Converter Platinum, there comes support of converting the DVD movies together with the subtitle and audio track selection.

- Support most video formats with realtime preview
- Support CUDA hardware acceleration
- Merge multiple video files
- Convert DVD video with the right audio track and subtitle.
- Directly rip your DVD movies and merge them into one.



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